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Hello, Lover!

I'm Mila, a bi-coastal companion, who splits her time evenly between New York City & Los Angeles. I'm delighted to have your attention! Let's get better acquainted, shall we? 


When was the last time you felt butterflies in anticipation of a first encounter? When did you last feel so compelled by a woman's essence that you couldn't help but immediately act on your impulse? These are the feelings I yearn for. I'm driven by my passion and lust for life; I seek out those who can match my energy.


If we're allowed the pleasure of meeting, you'll find me standing 5 feet 8 in a petite frame with balanced, feminine features; Suitors often point out my elegant décolletage, elongated fingers and neck, and toned supermodel legs.​

What you'll notice next are my long, golden locks (reaching past my tailbone), glowing porcelain skin, sparkling eyes, and plump cheekbones. A sly smile will meet you next.

A fashionista at heart, you'll find me dressed as impeccably as a runway model, with a doll-like figure to match. I love to be shown off, whether at a Michelin-star restaurant, jet-setting to an exciting new locale, and especially for your eyes only, in our private suite. Never the type for monotony, I'm always seeking out new things to try and I love planning exciting dates for us to bond over.​

I welcome suitors of all kinds, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. 

So, with all that being said, I invite you to make the first move. We'll delve into all the possibilities of what our time together could mean for us both.

I can't wait to finally meet you....​


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